Belajar dari Simply Self Storage

Belajar dari Simply Self Storage

Simply Self Storage merupakan perusahaan yang pertumbuhannya paling cepat di Amerika. Pada saat perusahaan ini didirikan pada 2003, karyawannya hanya 12.Pada 2007, penjualannya mencapai $109,1juta dengan karyawan 486 orang.

Simply Self Storage is the largest privately owned self storage company in the United States and Puerto Rico. We’re not just some upstart who’s new to the self storage business. In fact, we were number 18 in the country before selling off our portfolio in the late 1990’s. We “got back into the game” in 2003 because we knew that the country was ready for a different kind of storage experience. We own and/or operate over 225 facilities with over 15.6 million square feet of storage space. Our success has allowed us to accelerate our plans – we’re developing and acquiring dozens more over the next year.

Why are we moving so fast? What’s been the key to our success? Well, let’s face it – self storage is not always thought of as the most dynamic industry with the best people in it, right? On the contrary, we’ve always believed that it doesn’t have to be that way. Our people are excited, enthusiastic and energetic – they know that we’re in a service business and we only hire people who understand that. Our staff is trained in customer service and sales in addition to self storage. We know that you’re not just storing your valuable personal belongings with us, you’re storing your memories, your life, the results of all your hard work. We treat you and your belongings with the care that they deserve!


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